Sermon Sampler

Champions By Choice (A Canvass Sermon)

  • The power of commitment.

Faith Crusaders (A Canvass Sermon)

  • Why is the religious right so financially successful and how can UUs measure up to such commitment?

Give A Little Whistle (The Good of Guilt)

  • Why guilt is the keystone to all effective religious witness and social action.

Frolicking in Mystery (The Meaning of Spirituality)

  • What is spirituality and how it relates to humanism.

Soul Force and Social Change (Martin Luther King Jr.’s Real Message)

  • By what means is the behavior of a culture actually changed with a measure of permanency?

The Wizardry of Worth (The Great Culture Con)

  • Why the issue of self-worth is the paramount issue of human living and how cultures con their citizenry into         devoting energy to own its sustenance.

Demons Love to Wrestle (An Easter Service)

  • Why triumph is normally just beyond our grasp and how to overcome, despite this illusiveness.
The Jewel In the Garbage Can
  • How good and evil become each other.